Newfort Map (Rev.24) for Swat4 - Make Headline news!
Newfort Map (Rev.24EXP) for Swat4 Expansion (Fixed Objectives for Expansion play)
Newfort Map (Rev.25EXP) for Swat4 Expansion - BETA (Added 2 towers, roof, catwalks, and more underground tunnel)
Newfort Map (Rev.26EXP) for Swat4 Expansion - BETA (Added 1 Warehouse building and more underground tunnel)
Newfort Map (Rev.27EXP) for Swat4 Expansion - BETA (Fixed the bugged spawn area weps. The hoster will have no probs, but the clients will see their old wep still)

Harris County SWAT: Vol. 1


New Fort

Hostage dies a la Iraq Kidnapping
Suspect bowing to Mecca wrong way = Death
MVP Sniper
MVP Snipes us off the roof
A good but short-lived Rooftop Shootout
Best.Sound.Evar (Hurrr)
*Bart Simpson's voice*: Come On Snipers!
Best.Death.Evar (Falling)
Slam Dunked, like a cookie
Knock Knock
Gonzo Gasping
Failed roof entry
He's on the left. No, the OTHER Left!


Back Door
Too Late
MVP Pro-bowler
The Curse
Swift Armour (Team Kill)
"Say Hello to My Little Friend"


Gonzo runs out of ammo
Meditation Music
Barbos vs. a Lean Wallhacker
Zarqawi outake


Defense Exhibit A (Team Kill)
Watch out to the right

Fairfax Residence

A Coward and a Liar
Helmet gets in the way and disrupts my concentration, I swear!
Gonzo lies back in revenge for the coward clip
MVP Enemy on the steps
He's on the right...SEE?
Just a nice stairway shoot-out


Pants (Short version Team-kill)
I'm Hawwwwwngry!


Surprise Attack

Avatar_58 and myself

My Marksman Prowess
2 Suspects died kissing

DM Clips of Myself, Gonzo and Axel. (June 24 2006)

Beheading threat ended with 50 cal pistol
Axel's "Taxer" doesn't work
Whuhhhh *great sound of gonzo's spleen rupturing*
1:08 minutes of the great Pepper War
Axel raped by C2
K Relly's "In A-Minor" concert
Mowing shit like Mr. Cortez
I TK gonzo
I TK gonzo yet again in the same round as above
The infamous Wiglaf out-take

Marathon 4.5 hour Team Deathmatch Clips of Myself, Gonzo and Axel. (July 1 2006)

If Stephen Urkel and Zarqawi filmed a movie, this would be it
Always reload the Tazer
D Day
1 ounce of MJ
MJ Part Deux
You can be my Wingman any time
Finish the Job
Revenge Cuff
Accidentally screw up Gonzo while he is cuffing Axel (Indirect TK)
Good Jorb! (Teamkill)
I Moved
2 for 1 Special with an Arrest
You Shall Not Pass
God Damn Axel!
The Immaculate Evasion
Very Bad Aim
Failed Cuff, because I hit the damn talk key
"Lemme Jack with my Equipment"

Pleasant Surprise for Gonzo
(Special thanks to Barbos for the video compilation/editing)

Latest version of the Concert map. (Revision 13)
Updates include beginning work on the convenience store outside, as well as the upper level of it.
Also I worked on most of the ductwork. I plan to put a rail on the sloped platform in the concert area
and work on the food court area of the concert building. (front right quadrant)

Latest version of the Concert map. (Revision 15)
Updates include sloped area in concert area as well as a bare bones food area.
I plan to finish up on the food area and then some of the static mesh placement inside the concert area.
Then I will start work on the roof tops outside and the store outside.
Have been getting a lot of random Illumination Occluding errors on compile and it eventually got to
the point where I couldn't even compile. I thought it was a bad BSP cut from early on in my map,
but I Can't fix the tagged BSP that is causing the problem. It looked like it was actual space, so it may
end up returning once i redo all lighting. As of now, I removed all lights except for the gobal light setting.

Latest version of the Concert map. (Revision 16)
Constructed most of the Convenience store. Plan to finish up the top area and clean up the top window sill on
the bottom floor. Probably going to add a vent tunnel all the way to the food area and then work on that part.
Plan to put in a washateria on the back alley or side opposite of the store.

Latest version of the Concert map. (Revision 17)
Worked on adding a few textures for testing.
Plan to work on the rest of the apartment. May have to extend it towards the alley in order to increase the size.
Worked on the kitchen area inside the theatre, including a branch of the vent ductwork leading to it.

Latest version of the Concert map. (Revision 18)
Most of the Hotel/Apartment is done.